07 November, 2007

Becoming Jane

Watched on: 24 Oct 2007, 21.30hrs

At: Palace IFC

Interesting Chinese Titles:

Hong Kong: 珍奧斯汀少女日記

Taiwan: 1) 珍爱来临 2)初戀成珍

Mainland: 成为简·奥斯汀

Memorable Quotes:

Rev Austen: Nothing destroys spirit like poverty.

Jane Austen: My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire.

(More from: http://imdb.com/title/tt0416508/quotes )

Well, being a modern, unauthentic, non-British fan of Jane, (i.e., someone who hates to miss any modern representation of her works on screen, but also being someone who may not always finish reading each and every page of her books, largely due to the non-British factor which limited one's ability (ok, just MY ability) in dipping into the original texts,) I am free from the burden of having any particular view about the nationality of the actress, or being knowledgeable enough to remind oneself that 'it's not Jane Austen.' In short, I enjoy every second of watching it and I am glad that I have watched it in a cinema, so that I have been in the good hands of the large screen which befits the beautiful cinematography, and the proper audio system which allows the background music and witty dialogues do their magic. Quite a number of movie reviews describe it to be a tragic love story愛情悲劇. Whenever two people who are in love but cannot be together for whatever reason, it is always a sad thing. Still, the seemingly unfruitful love in this movie is far from being tragic. On the contrary, the last few minutes of the movie has subtlety presented an ending which reflected the harvest of balancing sense and sensibility. We're reminded once again that it is about real people making decision in real life, and coming to term with it. We may never have it all, but we'll always have something from life, as long as we've tried; just that it may not come in the form that one has imagined. As a reader, one can hardly deny that her loss has become our gain -- let's be grateful that our heroine ends up becoming Jane.

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