09 November, 2007

The Queen

Watched: on 29 Oct 2007, at home, on DVD
As I have no chance to speak or listen to the English language for quite a long time, I rented this movie as a desperate effort of keeping myself from becoming a total deaf-mute in this C - language. And shortly after the movie started, I forgot the main purpose and was attracted to the acting of the actors. The queen is both the one being re-presented, and a true queen in her own right. And the Tony Blair role just gives up trying to 'look-alike' Tony; but from his acting, you have no doubt he is the Tony. What a strong irony! You know they're not real, but they're so real! I like the way the stag hunting incident brings out the conflicts of emotion and 'doing the right thing', which, I believe, is one of the themes of this movie. I was happy to see a familiar face again, Mr James Cromwell, shortly after 'Becoming Jane'. I found it heart-breaking to see him as Philip Bauer in '24' -- it's a horror to see a good gentleman doing convincingly a bad-guy's role. Perhaps that's why he was given that role. This grumpy eccentric Philip is still likable.
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