01 November, 2007

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

Location: At home
Purchased at: Heathrow Airport, London, Oct 2007
Read in: Oct, 2007

A very nice story which turns out to be a reading map in disguise. The royal crown on the cover already gives away the identity of the uncommon reader in question. This is the kind of book to be owned, so that when one has too much or too little to do, one can turn to this little book for wise counsel. The elegantly humourous writing put a bright smile on my face while waiting gloomily for flight transit at Heathrow Airport. I'm happy that being simply a common reader, I have the privilege of taking up the pen (or 'striking the keyboard' to be more exact, but how awkward it reads!) and work on this publicly accessible reading journal of my own. God bless the uncommon reader!

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