15 November, 2007

Amazing Grace

Watched: on 31 Oct 2007, at 19:30-21:30, at Palace IFC.
'It's a long road to freedom' -- a nice film that does show the audience what a long and winding road it has been. The speeches in the film are less than I've expected in quantity, but all adequantly presented in quality. As I was totally drawn into the lives of the characters, I failed to comprehend the mechanism of that final brilliant legal solution that creeped its way to the legislature and brought down slavery without a physical war in U.K. Grateful if anyone could explain it to me in greater detail. Every time when I listen to the theme song again, the lyric shines greater meaning than before. We're grateful that in this world, there were, are, and will be people who never give up just causes, even it means fighting against the world and with virtually no chance of winning. Amazing indeed.

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