06 January, 2008

Shopaholic and Baby

ISBN: 0385338708
Location: TSW Library
Well, thanks to my cousin Crystal, being a shopaholic herself, who has recommended the shopaholic series to me couple years ago, I got the chance of getting in touch with the shopaholic side of myself. And I'm very proud that on this occasion, I really manage to 'control' the shopping spree while reading it the first time at Heathrow Airport in Oct 07. With a heavy backpack and standing in the bookshop there, I just couldn't put down the book at all. After the sonar episode which reminded me about my messy experience, I suddenly realized that I'd probably miss the transit flight if I didn't put it back or buy it. I really couldn't afford to be overloaded at the beginning of my journey, especially I've already had two heavy guidebooks in my backpack which I needed to study on the plane for survival. Moreover, the shop only accepted the Pound and I only got Euros on me...(ok, on the return journey, I used credit card to overcome the problem, but that's different.) Well, even upon the long hours of waiting for transit on my return journey, with a lot of effort, I suppressed the desire of flipping through this very book because I had the hunch that I'd be able to track it down in the library. It's really expensive, esp. because of the exchange rate. So, I diverted my attention to search for other interesting and more difficult to get in HK titles. I bought 5 books, even buying a sixth one may mean more discount. Not bad, right?
The number one reason for me to enjoy this series is because of the way the protagonist 'speaks', which is exactly like my cousins. And to be frank, there are occasions, not a few, where I can actually see myself doing or thinking exactly the same things, especially about picturing effortlessly all the benefits that a certain commodity will bring after buying it. It's a nice pick-me-up series on rainy days. Fab.

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