05 February, 2008

Sweeney Todd 魔街理髮師

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


Watched on the 3rd Feb 2008 at UA Citigate, with Eric, Freeman & his wife.

Bloody, bloody, bloodily good. I got the chance of watching this film most unexpectedly on Sunday, and didn't have time to do any research beforehand. That's why my eyebrow was raised when I saw the Category III warning note that came with the tickets. The usher asked for my id card but was given a harsh talking to by Eric. In the rush, I said, 'Thank you for asking!' Of course I mean it :) Then when the film started with the characters singing, it's quite bizzare because, excuse my ignorance, I didn't know that it's an adaptation from a musical. So, I prepared myself for more shocks to come and was not dissapointed. Too much blood -- as expected in the numerous throat-slitting acts. However, the simple black, white and grey backdrop makes that bloody red standout and sends a chill down one's spine, as if the blood in one's body is also dripping away. This film is too gracefully set to be called a horror. When I saw the character of the mad woman first appear on the screen, there's a little question mark in my mind. Too bad I didn't pick it up as the story unfolded. In short, it is a film about revenge and the ultimate truth that revenge will get one no where. With dramatic twists & turns plus the overwhelming visual images, this message is surely hammered into audience's minds, who (myself at least) walk out of the cinema with their hearts pounding, and are thankful to notice that they're still alive and breathing.
As a musical, the songs are capturing, just that I miss Sir Tim Rice's lyrics. (Ok, that's an unfair comparison...)

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