12 May, 2009

Trail of the Panda 熊貓回家路

Today is the 12th May, 2009 -- one year after the horrible earthquake at Sichuan. While we morned for the loss of lives and felt for those who have survived with broken hearts and limbs to be healed, we took the opportunity to view this very special film which, as promised, has taken us to a spectacular journey to the Panda reservoir before sending us home with warmth in our hearts and tears in my three-year old daughter's eyes who was totally captivated by the gripping plot, the lovable baby panda and the convincing performance of Harashima Daichi (原島大地). I guess the clever director must have guessed the possible sensation that the children audience would have and therefore help them to say goodbye at the end.

This film is not only about cute pandas and magnificent landscape. It is about doing the right things, and more importantly, testing the very notion of what is 'right'. Through out the film, assumptions are being overturned: man in harsh environment would fall short of compassion; mother-panda would not look after two cubes; science would give the right answer; a child would not know better; hunters would be bad guys; animals would need help from human -- it all turns out to be quite the other way round, especially in the case of the boy -- it is the baby-panda (the apparent victim) who helps the boy (the apparent rescuer) to speak again, to be 'in-touch' again, to use all his skills to find out about nature, to become a man, and to find a father. We are humbled by mother-nature and let's hope that we will stop hurting her because we are no match to her wrath.
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