25 January, 2017

Hello 2017!

It has been seven summers and winters since this blog was last updated. The spread of social media has pushed blogging somewhat out of the centre stage of one's life. Regular users of anobii and goodreads must have found it easy to keep track of their reading. Convenience breeds laziness. The habit of clicking LIKE and STARS has pushed away the need of saying something in a review. In January 2017 as the year of playful Monkey is about to give way to industrious Rooster, it is a good time to revive this blog where notes containing a few thoughts of books, movies and performances are shared. This time, though, the notes will be shorter and revealing more personal preference rather than long analysis. Consider this as an intellectual recovery process, one step at a time. Blogging and journaling are primarily healing tools of NotesTaker.

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